The promotion for Iron Man 2 is moving full steam ahead with the film scheduled to hit theatres on 7 May 2010. The studio have recently released a new promotional poster depicting Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash. Word on the street is that the version of Whiplash we'll see in the film Iron Man 2 includes elements of both Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo from the Marvel Comics.

As you can see in the poster, Whiplash is going to be Ram-esque (check out The Wrestler).

Iron Man 2 promotional poster

In this other shot from the film it looks like Whiplash's costume may have borrowed a little from the original Iron Man armor.

Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson. Don Cheadle is replacing Terence Howard in the role of Lt. Colonel James Rhodes/War Machine.

It's been a while since I order a bunch of trade paper backs, so it looks like I have a bit of a backlog on my hands. With that in mind, I thought I'd put together a list of the five trade paper backs currently on my must read list.

Deadpool Volume 1: Secret Invasion

Deadpool: Vol1 Secret InvasionCollecting the first five issues of the latest Deadpool series, Deadpool Volume 1: Secret Invasion also serves as one of the many Secret Invasion tie-ins. Deadpool takes on a secret mission for Nick Fury and convinces the Skrulls that he wants to join their team, allowing the Skrulls to create a multitude of Skrully Deadpool clones.

While it may be written by Daniel Way, the man behind the mostly plodding Wolverine: Origins, as a Deadpool fan, I'm going to give this one a shot.

Deadpool Volume 2: Dark Reign

Deadpool Vol2: Dark ReignDeadpool Volume 2: Dark Reign Premiere HC collects issues #6-7, 10-11 of the new Deadpool series. I'm keen to read this one as from the promo blurb it sounds like it'll follow on from one of the more interesting "Secret Invasion" developments, the emergence of Norman Osborne as the successor to Tony Stark.

What bugs me though, is that in usual Marvel fashion they've split the story into two different trades, no doubt in an effort to wring a few more bucks out of people like me. So if, like me, you want to read the full story, you'll also need to pick up...

Dark Reign: Deadpool/ThunderboltsDark Reign: Deadpool/Thunderbolts

Dark Reign: Deadpool/Thunderbolts collects issues eight and nine of the new Deadpool series, and issues #130-131 of the Thunderbolts.

This collections covers off the conflict between Deadpool and Norman Osborn, with Deadpool forced to take on the "all new" Thunderbolts. Speaking of which, I'm a little behind in the Thunderbolts series as well, but there are a couple of titles I'm going to need to drop due to a coin shortage, and Thunderbolts is looking like it may be one of them.

Sounds interesting, just a shame Marvel could not have packed it all in to the Deadpool volume 2 collection.

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition) (Hardcover)

Y: The Last ManY: The Last Man, Vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition) collects issues 6 through 10 of Y: The Last Man, and continues to follow the story of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand, who are the only survivors of a plague that killed off all the male mammals on Earth. Now being the one guy on a planet full off women may sound ok to start with, apparently it's not all beer and skittles. This second uber collection follows Yorick and friends as they race across the US trying to discover why Yorick and his monkey survived when all the other men in the world died.

It's a post apocalyptic story with a difference. Looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

Moon Knight Volume 4: Death Of Marc Spector

Moon Knight Volume 4The revived Moon Knight series is one of my favorites. The first three trades were crackers, and I'm looking forward to the arrival of the forth. Like Deadpool, Moon Knight Volume 4: Death Of Marc Spector TPB follows the on from the Skrull Invasion event and Norman Osborn's attempt apprehend Marc Spector. Moon Knight is probably one of the darkest character occupying the Marvel universe, so the Moon Knight vs. The Thunderbolts is likely to be a completely different beast compared to the Deadpool battle.

This trade also includes the "Silent Night" one shot, which should showcase Moon Knight Christmas style.

Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 David Finch 1:20 Variant Cover Marvel Comics
Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 David Finch 1:20 Variant Cover Marvel Comics $30.00
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Moon Knight Comic Book Fist of Khonshu 1 and 2, Side by Side with Shang Chi
Moon Knight Comic Book Fist of Khonshu 1 and 2, Side by Side with Shang Chi $8.00
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