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What do you get when you take one part The Matrix, one part Fight Club and add a dash of a Marvel style universe? Wanted. Written by Mark Millar, with art by J.G. Jones, Wanted is a six issue miniseries that has been collected into a couple of different trade paper back formats. The series was initially published in 2003/2004.

I picked up the Wanted: Assassins Edition Hard Cover just prior to release of the film adaptation, with the intention of reading the comic, then catching the movie. That never happened. I finally got around to reading Wanted a few weeks ago now, and since then, I've occasionally found myself thinking about the story and wanting more. To me, that's the mark of any good comic, book, movie or TV show.

The story begins with Wesley Gibson, white collar office drone, who looks like Eminem, and share a lot in common with the Narrator (pre-Tyler Durdan) from Fight Club. He works in an office cubicle, at a job he hates, while his girlfriend is off shagging his 'best' friend. When Wesley is approached by a hot looking Halle Berry look a-like called The Fox, he learns that his recently assassinated father was also the super criminal known as The Killer, his life undergoes some significant changes.

Wesley enters the Fraternity and finds out that the world has run by super villains since 1986, when they banded together to eliminate the world's superhero population and rewrite reality. Superheroes are no longer remembered as being real, only fictional characters. Wesley inherits his fathers position in the Fraternity as well as his perfect aim and extraordinary ability with any weapon. Wesley quickly adopts the super villain life style. Leaving his old life behind. » Read the rest of the entry..

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